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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:43 am

Someone has made a very polite query about coming as an officer. Now this is something we've not had before, and to be honest something I've avoided.

His kit is 2nd to none, and he is entirely non insistent, he does look the part

My caveats are as follows :

a) I am not a believer in rank - myself included
b) the march has always been non officer, non special equality
c) there has to be a certain level of participant number to involve an officer
d) in effect, in reality on the ground, there is no command function

I am however open minded and there is more than me involved in this as is right and proper, everyone is

Opinions please gentlemen


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Post by TubbyBinns on Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:41 am

I say yes... Any officer is only going to be borrowing a platoon from a sergeant anyway...

"With the greatest of respect, Mr Lumpkin, Sir... This is my f#*king platoon and you're only borrowing them... If you want anything, Sir... You come to me first"


If the person is who I think, then they do look great in the kit. As with rank - even a single stripe, I think they should be the kind of person who is going to show a clear duty of care to the rest of the attendees... And help organise the trip.

You know what it's like... By the end of day one, some lads heads will drop and they'll start to switch off. So officers and NCOs need to ensure lads are eating and drinking and so on...

From my point of view, it would be nice if the officer was the officer for the WILTS attendees... So far I think we have a number of lads who are happy to attend as a single unit... I know we have a few RA stragglers... So the officer could be the officer for the 'majority' with a collection of 'odds and sods'...

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Post by vjenkin1 on Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:26 am

No problem at all with a good Officer. Having been in the Army (no, not WW1 Jon) I'm with Pete. If you take the rank then you also take the responsibility to be as a effective a leader as possible, much as a real NCO or Officer would. When people are tired, hurting, falling behind, thirsty or hungry then that's when the NCO or Officer steps up to ensure his men have what they need IF POSSIBLE. Now, I put that "IF POSSIBLE" in because this isn't the real Army and Jon and whoever the other NCO's/Officer might be have a right to expect an extremely high degree of self-sufficiency from the participants, especially if they've been on the march before. I do NOT expect the NCO's/Officer to be the unit commissariat and provide things that everyone should have brought with them or to babysit the unprepared. I envision their roles as morale boosters, offering encouragement to the others when necessary, assistance where they can, sharing if they've got it, and keeping things organized.

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Post by samharris45 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:49 am

As has been said are my thoughts exactly. Not an issue in the slightest.

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