37 Pattern L-Straps & Cross Straps

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37 Pattern L-Straps & Cross Straps Empty 37 Pattern L-Straps & Cross Straps

Post by TubbyBinns on Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:49 am

I've got a batch of L straps for small packs and large packs - all the correct one-piece manufacture... Brass furniture and war dates on most.  The L-Straps come with the large brass buckles to attach onto the 2" tabs on the packs.

7 x sets of L straps - £12 a pair
2 x pairs of cross straps (Normal length male and female pair) - £8 a pair

I have a number of spare 'female' single piece cross straps (the ones with the loop) should anyone need one... £4 each.

Let me know if you need any - Send me a private message.  Ta - Pete

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