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DATES   26th May 2015 to 31st May 2015 inclusive

RV  POINT      Near Dover, free car parking will be sourced as last time

FORMAT  As last event, 17 seater mini buses, 2 support crew in each - who go free paid for by the rest plus 14 troops in each mini-bus
                                 one seat free for kit.  Travel Dover to Calais on the ferry and return

LOCATION    The march starts in the vicinity of Bethune and follows the main BEF escape corridor via Le Paradis, Merville, Hazebrouck,
                                       Cassel, Gloucester's Bunker, Wormhoudt, Warhem and to the Beach and Dunkirk.

FEEDING   BEF style, as and when convenient bully beef stew cooked by support crews

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS   As and where we find it en route, it will be outdoors, or in convenient ruined buildings so be aware.

SUPPORT CREW    If more than one mini bus is used we will require extra support crew, Applications for this role are invited and your trip
                                              will be free, You MUST be able to drive a mini bus, navigate and be reliable on pain of dealing with Jon Heyworth if you
                                              let the boys down. Be aware ! You may sleep in the bus, BUT NO MARCHER WILL BE ALLOWED TO DO SO.

WHAT IF IT RAINS   You will get very wet

WHAT IF I DROP OUT EN ROUTE  There is NO SHAME in this, it is hard work, the mini buses will hoover up casualties via mobile phone and
                                                                    RV points, if you recover, you simply rejoin.

WHAT KIT DO I NEED    See the separate uniform regulations

WHAT DOES IT COST   Besides blood, sweat and blister lymph ?  Last time is was £ 125, a realistic estimate is £ 150 allowing for inflation,
                                                     it may be a little more, it may be a little less. We have to cover mini-bus hire, fuel, food, ferry, support crew, that's
                                                     about it really, a full mini bus makes it cheaper for all so part mini buses will not be counternanced.

PAYING   There will be a £ 50 deposit, if you drop out, you loose it, simple as that. The rest will be payable in one instalment by December
                                 31st 2014. If the trip is cancelled for any reason, you will get your money back less anything that can be proven to have been
                                 spent already on the trip. If you have paid in full and drop out, tough, you loose it all as your space still has to be paid for.

INSURANCE  We will use Second Armored in Europe INSURANCE COVER and in effect this is a 2AIE event. This is £ 5 a man which will go
                                       TO 2AIE and is covered in the overall trip cost.  You should also have personal travel insurance which is your responsibility.

EUROPEAN PARTICIPANTS   Non U.K. participants are welcome, an RV can be established for your cars near Dunkirk and we can pick you
                                                            up on the way in.

NON EUROPEAN PARTICIPANTS   Lots of Yanks last time, who as usual proved awfully good value for Septics ! Every bit as good as Yank's
                                                                    as Yanks on my Yank trips !  We can pick you up near London, probably Hatton Cross and take you back
                                                                    there so you in effect become a Brit participant.


BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS     This is the most important thing of all, your boots, ankle, ammunition.  They will have to be in good condition and you will have to be used to wearing, and walking in them, otherwise you will regret it big style.  Put in the hours on them, walk a few miles in them every week from now until the event.

Sleeping and extra kit    Space is pretty limited, and whist we are attempting a degree of accuracy, it is obviously not 1940 and we all have jobs to return to at the end of the trip.   There is only room for ONE LARGE PACK,  You may use blankets, you may use a sleeping bag - or a combination, you may use a small air bed. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR CAMP BEDS.

TRAVEL CLOTHES  We will change into BD at the car park, you will be in BD until we return to the car park at Dover, No civilian clothes will be taken

HOW MUCH MONEY TO TAKE very little, I don't think I spent more that E20 on the last trip

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Support crew

Post by UKJustin on Wed May 21, 2014 6:03 am

Hi Jon,

In regards to a support crew, I maybe intrested, could really do with some idea as to how you see the role working, would be great if someone who could speak french was intrested.

Would you be looking for the crew to supply a cooked breakfast, cold lunch and cooked dinner and many cups of hot tea? What equpiment do you think we can drum up?

Would it be possible to march some of the route? I supose it would depend upon who else would also like to be part of a support crew.

Anyway, itrs worth thinking about, don't want to commit to anything yet.


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